Looking for effective strategies to sell your used car in Sydney? You can’t expect the best return every time if the vehicle isn’t in an acceptable condition. If you are looking for cash for cars Sydney , sell it as scrap. Scrap dealers provide decent and transparent quotes upfront. So, rather than wasting time trying to sell an old car, why not approach a scrap dealer?

In this article, we will be discussing what you should do to sell your old car easily. We will also talk about selling your car as scrap.

How to sell your car in Sydney?

Here are some tips to make your old car acceptable in the automotive aftermarket.

  • Clean and repair your car

Car buyers check out the vehicle’s condition, whether they are aiming for a new or used car.  Get the car cleaned and serviced by a professional company. Of course, this would incur some costs that you need to bear. A clean and tidy car would appeal to potential buyers. Potential buyers wouldn’t pay for a shabby vehicle. Fix the dents and paint the car before advertising it. Clean the dashboard and tend the car’s upholstery. Rather than squandering your resources to repair the car, you can sell it off as scrap.

  • Take it for a test drive

If you haven’t used your old car for a long time, take it for a test drive. The vehicle has several electrical, mechanical, and electronic parts that work in sync. Unless you inspect the vehicle, defects and malfunctions are likely to put the sale on hold.

  • Maintain proper battery and tire pressure

Would you like to purchase a used car low on battery? What if the tyres lack adequate pressure? The same applies when someone else tries to purchase your car. A potential buyer is likely to explore the interiors of your car only when the basics are fine.

  • Get the paperwork right

Have you got all the legal documents like the license, insurance, and maintenance records in place? Unless you do, you might find it tough to sell your car. 

However, if you don’t have the papers in place, the other option you can choose is to sell your car as scrap.

What makes scraping your car a better option than selling it?

Do you know why so many car owners in Australia prefer to sell their cars as scrap? You do not need to waste your money repairing an old car or advertising it. By reaching out to a scrap car company, you can obtain a quote instantly to get an idea of the potential return. 

The experts dealing with car removals Sydney deliver a hassle-free experience to their clients. They sell off the metal parts that are still valuable in the automotive aftermarket. Else, they recycle some parts and dispose the rest in an environment-friendly manner.

Once you sell your old car as scrap, you get the amount transferred to your bank instantly. No advertisement cost and no time wastage trying to convince second-hand car buyers!

For more info, talk to our helpful staff at Quick Cash For Cars by contacting us at 02 8331 6997

Are you thinking of getting rid of your old rusted car rotting in the garage? Well, many car owners prefer getting hard cash for cars Sydney, simply by selling off their old vehicles as scrap! In case you are willing to make room in your garage or buy a new car, it makes sense to sell off the old one. Now, you might want to know the value of your old scrap car, right? In this post, you will get to know the factors that determine the value of scrap cars.

The functioning parts, condition of the engine, your location, and several other factors cumulatively determine the value of scrap cars. For the best bet, reach out to reliable Sydney car removals

Understanding the value of your scrap car

Have a look at the basic criteria that determines how much you can get paid as you sell off your scarp car.

  • Make, model, and age of the car

The scrap dealers would want to know the basic information about your car. You need to furnish relevant details regarding the year of make, model, and its manufacturer. Accordingly, the dealers would get a basic history of the vehicle. Based on this, they would find how much the current market value of the particular car is. To obtain the best scrap car value, make sure to provide accurate information to the dealers.

If the model is quite common, and some of its parts are in demand, you can expect a decent value.

  • Scrap metal value

The scrap value largely depends on the current market value of the metals. An average vehicle would contain aluminum (around 300 pounds) and steel (around 2,400 pounds). The scrap dealers would recycle this material into new products or sell them off. Now, the market value of these scrap metals decides how much you can get while selling the scrap.

Now, you should note that scrap metal prices vary significantly at different times of the year. The prices might be low when the demand is low and the metal supply remains high. Besides, the demands in the local market also determine this price.

  • Condition of your car

This factor directly determines the value you would get for the scrap. If your old car is still functional, it might be of some value to the buyers. They might resell the car or repair it to its normal working condition. In case the car is not in functional condition, the dealers might sell off the spare parts and strip the metals. Ultimately, it would add to the scrap metals.

Now, it would be wise to determine the market value of the model. In case you find that making a few repairs would restore its functioning, it would be wise to invest money in it. Otherwise, you can simply sell it as scrap. Vehicles that are completely rusted do not yield much value.

Sell your scrap car online

Currently, most Australian car owners sell off their scrap cars online. It is easy to calculate the value once you furnish the relevant details. Depending on your location and the time of the year, the value of your scrap car might significantly vary. Talk with our experts at Quick Cash For Cars to get the best value for your unwanted car at 02 8331 6997 or simply visit our website.




Owning a vehicle is quite common these days and it has become very essential to have one too. We use it either for our daily commute or for travelling on special occasions. As everything we own ages, our cars age too. No matter how well we maintain the vehicle and how much we care for it, the aging is inevitable. Many car owners wonder what they can do with an aging car and how they can deal with it. Here are some tips to help you deal with such a car.

Barter or donate it

A friend or acquaintance who has a penchant for old or vintage cars in good condition are a good resort when you are looking for ways to deal with your aging car. If your car is too old for you but something of interest for that friend of yours, you can offer the car to them in exchange of something you want. However, be very careful while doing such a transaction and make sure both of you get what you wanted so that your relationship doesn’t get affected.

Donating your old car is a very noble idea. If your car is in a good working condition and you want to do away with it because of its age, donating it is a good option. It is recommended that you donate the car only when it is in a good condition and continue running without a lot of maintenance. When you are donating a car, the intent is to help reduce someone’s expenses and hence we must ensure that they do not incur a lot of maintenance cost.

Dismantle and recycle it

If you want to get your hands dirty and indulge in some DIY work, then you can dismantle your car and sell some parts of it that another car owner might be looking for their own car. An aged car will probably have lesser demand for its parts but you will still be able to sell the parts at a decent price.

You can reach out to a local service provider who recycle old and junk cars. They will help you get rid of your car and reducing the car and its parts to a landfill. As a responsible citizen, you must look for an environment friendly recycling service provider.

Sell To Get Top Cash For Cars Sydney

Some car models or brand have a huge demand in the market. If you have a car of those make or model, you can trade your old car for a new one. This will help you save some money on your new purchase and at the same time get rid of your aging car.

Selling your old car is another convenient way of getting rid of the car. You can get some instant cash when you sell to get cash for unwanted cars. Even if your car is defunct, some spare part company or junkyard will be willing to buy your car for their use.

If you are looking to sell your car for some on the spot cash give us a call on 02 8331 6997 to get a free pick up service by Cash for Cars Sydney service. Click here to get more information on the process of selling your car for cash.





When you have an old or damaged vehicle just parked in your driveway, you must think about how you can get it moved out. Selling your old car is very easy and with our car removals Sydney, you can get top cash instantly. Doing an old car removal can be a difficult process if you do not find the right service provider to do it for you, but with a trusted business you can sell your old car in a hassle-free process. Here are some tips on how you can easily do junk car removal from your driveway.

Establish your ownership of the vehicle

Sometimes car owners assume that since they drive a car they do not need to prove that they own the car. However, when you want to do a junk car removal you will need to submit necessary documents which show the vehicle registration under your name along with your identity proofs. In case the car is not registered in your name then you should first go through the process of updating the same. Selling the car will be much easier and secure when it is registered in your name.

Check the condition of your car

If your car is in a working condition, then selling the car is much easier and you will get a good deal on selling it. If the car is not functioning, then finding a buyer becomes very difficult as no one wants to invest in a car which is not working as it calls for additional investment in repair. In such a case the car will most likely go into the junkyard and you will not get a very high value on the car. If you are looking for a good cash on selling your car, you may look at getting your car repaired and have it in an up and running condition.

Earn The Best Value With Cash For Cars Sydney

The next step is to determine who will sell your car to. When you are thinking to sell damaged car you will go through the local laws and understand the laws that protect the customer. If the car is not working or is theoretically defunct, you can explore the option to sell damaged car to a junk car dealer. For an inoperable car, the true value depends on the value of various parts of the car. A word of advice here is that do not sell your junk car to an acquaintance. If someone you know buys a car from you and then faces issue with the car they might assume that you duped them into the deal and this will make the relationship sour. If you have a vintage car lying in your driveway, do not spend a lot of money on advertising the same. Advertisements usually cost a bomb and are not very effective in finding a buyer.

If you want to sell damaged car for instant cash and get the right value for your car you just need to give us at Quick Cash for Cars a call on 02 8331 6997 and we will pick your car without any additional charges. For on the spot cash for your junk car you can fill up the online form here.


Often the cars we keep in the garage keep lying there for years without being driven much. Maybe it is because of any fault in the car, it could be that now the car’s design is too old school for you, you could have bought a new car which has become the primary means of transportation for the family. There are thousands of reasons for a car to just be parked in the garage without much usage but whatever be the reason, one thing is for sure, for every passing day your car is losing its value and it won’t be long when it becomes as good as scrap metal.

At Sydney Cash For Cars, we provide every customer the right value for their car, even if it is old or dilapidated, in cash. You can free up a lot of space in your premises occupied by junk and get cash in return for it just by contacting us. Getting cash for unwanted cars is an easy process that involves three simple steps as described ahead which even your kid can remember.

Step By Step Guide For Sydney Car Removals

The first step is to tell us everything about your car. This includes information on the model, the chassis, the year of production, the engine, when was it purchased, any accident history, so long and so forth. You don’t need to worry here; it is neither an exam nor a cumbersome task. Our experts on site will ask you all the relevant questions and deduce the information required from the paperwork that you already have. Just remember to provide us the precise information. If for any reason you are reluctant to visit us physically, you can always fil out the online form on our website and contact our customer service any time.

Get a quote and sign some documents

Our expert team will examine your vehicle and match the information you provide with what the car has to say for itself. Our team will prepare an estimate quotation for the car’s value. Once we agree on the value, all you should do is sign a bunch of papers to transfer the ownership and you are done! Once we pick up your car you will be cashed out prior to the car being taken in our custody. Everything takes place on the same day you accept our offer because we respect our client’s time.

Count your cash

It doesn’t matter to us whether the car is parked at your residence, your place of business or is lying broken in a parking lot, cash for cars Sydney goes there and gets the car from you. Once you handover the title and keys and we handover the amount make sure you count it to your satisfaction. The whole process is quick and easy and is over before you know it.

When you think about selling your used car or your junk car for quick cash remember that we can take care of all your queries and you should feel free to give us a call at 02 8331 6997 or simply visit our website.


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