Often the cars we keep in the garage keep lying there for years without being driven much. Maybe it is because of any fault in the car, it could be that now the car’s design is too old school for you, you could have bought a new car which has become the primary means of transportation for the family. There are thousands of reasons for a car to just be parked in the garage without much usage but whatever be the reason, one thing is for sure, for every passing day your car is losing its value and it won’t be long when it becomes as good as scrap metal.

At Sydney Cash For Cars, we provide every customer the right value for their car, even if it is old or dilapidated, in cash. You can free up a lot of space in your premises occupied by junk and get cash in return for it just by contacting us. Getting cash for unwanted cars is an easy process that involves three simple steps as described ahead which even your kid can remember.

Step By Step Guide For Sydney Car Removals

The first step is to tell us everything about your car. This includes information on the model, the chassis, the year of production, the engine, when was it purchased, any accident history, so long and so forth. You don’t need to worry here; it is neither an exam nor a cumbersome task. Our experts on site will ask you all the relevant questions and deduce the information required from the paperwork that you already have. Just remember to provide us the precise information. If for any reason you are reluctant to visit us physically, you can always fil out the online form on our website and contact our customer service any time.

Get a quote and sign some documents

Our expert team will examine your vehicle and match the information you provide with what the car has to say for itself. Our team will prepare an estimate quotation for the car’s value. Once we agree on the value, all you should do is sign a bunch of papers to transfer the ownership and you are done! Once we pick up your car you will be cashed out prior to the car being taken in our custody. Everything takes place on the same day you accept our offer because we respect our client’s time.

Count your cash

It doesn’t matter to us whether the car is parked at your residence, your place of business or is lying broken in a parking lot, cash for cars Sydney goes there and gets the car from you. Once you handover the title and keys and we handover the amount make sure you count it to your satisfaction. The whole process is quick and easy and is over before you know it.

When you think about selling your used car or your junk car for quick cash remember that we can take care of all your queries and you should feel free to give us a call at 02 8331 6997 or simply visit our website.


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Cash for Cars Sydney buy any unwanted car and are very negotiable on price. we buy all types of scrap cars in Sydney. Cash for cars Sydney will buy any vehicle. Call Cash for cars Sydney today.

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